Mehmet Yalçınkaya

He was born in Bolu in 1974. Yalçınkaya, who started his career at a young age, received his first conductor training at the age of 12 from his uncle. He worked as an executive chef in high-end hotels and restaurants in Turkey. He worked as a gastronomy and kitchen coordinator on cruise ships in Germany and Qatar.

  • In 2005, his biography and specialties were published as Trend Chef in America’s famous gourmet magazine “CULINARY”.
  • In 2007, he developed the personalized service concept, which is a minimalist and boutique work, for the first time in Banquet services in Turkey.
  • In 2008, he founded the EUROTURK CHEFS CULINARY TEAM team.
  • Mehmet Yalçınkaya is one of the first to apply the Fusion Kitchen trend in Turkey.
  • In 2009, he worked at the Qatar Prime Ministry Residences, to which he was invited upon a special request, and went on a European tour.
  • In 2010, he held gastronomy workshops within the body of the Ministry of Tourism of the Republic of Turkey. He took part in many international organizations such as the Berlin Film Festival, Grune Woche I.T.B Tourism Fair.
  • In 2013, an article named Inno Turkish Cusine was published about Mehmet Yalçınkaya by Pınar Tremblay, a faculty member at the University of California.
  • He still takes place as a jury member in MasterChef Turkey and writes a column for the newspaper


Throughout his career, he has been awarded many national and international awards. Some of the awards:

  • “Best Chef Award” (As a result of the public vote of over 500 thousand people at the Turkish Taste Awards organized by TÜRES.)
  • “Silver Medal” World Chefs Olympics / Turkish Chefs Federation Turculina Team Captain
  • “Bronze Medal” World Chefs Olympics / Euroturk Chefs Culinary Team Team Captain, Erfurt – Germany
  • “A category World Third Place” World Chefs Olympics – Erfurt – Germany
  • “Euroturk Chefs Team Merit Diploma” as a Team – Erfurt – Germany

Mithat Yalçınkaya

He started his career at Bodrum Petunya Hotel in 1994 and worked at different hotels for the next few years.

In 2002, he worked as Executive Chef at Elite World Prestige Hotel. He was also in the opening staff of all other hotels of Elite World Hotels and most recently worked as Elite World Hotels Kitchens Coordinator. He took part in the opening of MYK Restaurant, of which he is a partner, and is still running its business.

He has various degrees in international competitions.

He continues to work on modern Turkish cuisine and his own culinary interpretations. His works were also included in the national television channels in Turkey. He is a member of Turkish Chefs Federation and Wacs-World Chefs Federation. Interviews at various universities and workshops at MYK Gastro Arena continue.

Onur Kutluca

Born in 1989 in Switzerland, Chef Onur Kutluca has also worked with many famous chefs in Turkey and with foreign chefs with Michelin stars. During his seventeen-year career, he worked in the restaurants of the country’s top hotels.

Chef Onur Kutluca, who is well-experienced in Turkish, Italian, Mediterranean, Far East, Indian cuisines and seafood, has owned and operated three different restaurants since 2016. He also provided consultancy and opening services for many restaurants across the country.

He still works as a chef at MYK Restaurant and as an instructor at MYK Gastro Arena.