MYK Restaurant

MYK Restaurant has a menu that is constantly renewed in seasonal cycles, where you meet with unique, delicious, qualified and different signature dishes, created by Mehmet Yalçınkaya and his team by blending the valuable products of our geography.


Product Oriented Menu

MYK Restaurant is the address of seasonal meals made with qualified products and the concept of “from soil to table”. For this reason, our menu, which changes periodically in order to consume the product fresh and in season, brings dynamic, healthy and delicious dishes to our visitors.

Service-Oriented Approach

With the service provided by MYK Academy graduates, who do their job with passion, professionalism and a people-oriented approach, MYK restaurant serves the dishes from the kitchen to table with a qualified approach.

We are here for a sustainable world...

We believe that the correct use of world resources for sustainable consumption starts with zero waste in the kitchen. In order to minimize the damage to natural life, we ensure the best and effective use of the product in the kitchen, and we pioneer the awareness to be created for waste management in the future, starting from our employees and extending to our guests.

R&D and P&D

We aim to create added value in gastronomy by enriching the process from the product to the menu with continuous research, development and experience.


Chef's Table

On your special nights, we organize Chef’s Table with signature dishes where we combine the stories of the food with the rituals and special presentations.


In addition to its dynamic, minimalist and original decoration, MYK Restaurant offers an approach that identifies the concept of “gastroart” with its corridors which are also used as an exhibition area for the works of artists.