Turkish Breakfast / For One120

Comb Honey, Buffalo Clotted Cream, Butter, “Ezine” White Cheese, “Izmir” Local Goat Cheese, Aged Cheese, Smoked Cheese, Green Olives, “Gemlik” Black Olives, Pine Cone Jam, Hawthorn Jam, Rosehip Marmalade, Spicy Sauce with Walnut , Yoghurt, Peanut Butter, Pastrami, Smoked Turkey, Tomato, Cucumber, Green Pepper, Fresh Greens from our Garden.

Hot’s: “Menemen” Turkish style scrambled eggs with chopped tomatoes and green peppers, Egg’s with Dried Meat, Pastry with Cheese, French Fries, Local Bread


Roasted Tomato Soup35

Sliced mozzarella, bread croutons

Local Soup from the Shop35

A Turkish soup of the day from the local region

Sharing Platters / Appetizers

Watermelon Caprese120

Watermelon, buffalo mozzarella, cold pressed olive oil, balsamic vinegar

The “Çiçek Pasajı” Mezze Selection105

A meze selection in honor of taksim’s famous “çiçek pasajı”. Our mezze vary depending on the season: please ask for details

“Börek” with Shrimp95

Lemon leaves, a albanian spicy pepper chutney

95Stuffed Crack Wheat Balls Filled, Sweetbread & Intestines, “Kokoreç”

Spicy tomato dip, pickled green beans

Braised Octopus “Maltiz” / For Two230

Octopus slow cooked on a home-style brazier served, juniper seed, garlic chips

"Sirun" Shrimps140

Shrimp wrapped in dough, buffalo yoghurt, sumac tomato

“Mücver” Aegean Herbs70

Zucchini fritters dried curd, sliced pink tomatoes

Spinach Bites75

Lemon, coriander sour cream


Baby calamari, aioli sauce, albanian spicy pepper

Hummus and “Sucuk” Beef Sausage75

Warm hummus, buttered Turkish beef sausage

Local Cheese Types80

Fig Puree, Burnt Walnut, Breadcrumbs, Pumpkin Seeds

Feta cheese45

Fruit plate60



Roast Sausage45

Light Meals

Mung Beans Salad 75

Sesame egg, “hibeş” tahini sauce, sumac oil

Caesar Salad130

Romaine lettuce, sliced chicken breast, sourdough bread

“Tarla” Garden Salad 85

daily salad varaites : please ask for details.

Salmon Salad165

Quail’s egg, dried pineapples, roasted eggplant, currants, arugula, lettuce, capers, onion, “portula” sauce, dried pink peppercorns

Arugula Salad80

Roasted Eggplant Salad, Tahini, “İzmir” Goat cheese

Special Tomato Salad from “Narlı Kuyu”80

Tomato, Red Onion, Walnut, Parsley, Pomegranate syrup, Olive Oil


Octopus Linguini140

Octopus, cream, spinach, lemon zest

Casarecce Bolognese70

“Bologna” style bolognese sauce, fresh basil, parmesan

Oven-baked Turkish “Mantı” dumplings75

Bone marrow stock,, sunflower oil, paprika


Basil, black olive, garlic, albanian spicy pepper, tomato sauce, parmesan cheese

Spaghetti / Gluten Free65

Seasonal vegetables, “İzmir tulum” cheese, dill

"Erişte" from Mother Zeliha65

"Keş" dried curd cheese, walnut, butter


“Sirit” Duck Rolls175

Confit duck, phyllo dough, red peppers pickle

Jumbo Prawns / 2 Pieces230

Balkabağı Püre, Melisa Yaprağı, Limonlu Tereyağı

Veal Medallion / Veal on the bone220

“Ödemiş” potatoes, thyme

Rib Eye Risotto205

Mushroom risotto, sliced rib eye steak

Rib Eye Steak / 160 Gr.210

Roasted chickpeas, dried pears, onion potatoes, bone marrow sauce, mushrooms

Veal Steak “Iskender” Kebab210

Slices of veal “döner” served on tomato sauce, flatbread, butter foam

Shashlik Surf & Turf205

Rib eye steak, shrimp, safflower basmati rice, okra pickle

Lamb & Shrimp Surf & Turf315

Saddle of lamb, shrimp , garlic, phyllo dough

"Tiryaki” Surf & Turf280

Fillet of veal, tiger prawns, "Yedikule" lettuce

Lamb Loin / For Two425

Saddle of lamb, roasted onions, grilled oyster mushrooms, rice, grilled peppers

“Tulum” Chicken105

Baked “Ödemiş” potatoes, “Babagannus”, rice, strained yoghurt

Butcher’s Meatballs110

Spicy cracked wheat rice, sumac yoghurt

Fillet of Lamp215

“Firik” rice with Cheese, Oyster Mushroom, Albanian Pepper, Fermented Black Garlic

“Enderun” Meatballs125

Tomato, Local Cheese

Kokorec- Charcoal Grilled Seasoned intestines150

Tomato-Pepper Salad, Tortilla Bread, Mixed Herbs

Beef Tonque160

Tortilla Bread, Pickles, Pepper Sauce with Tomato

Fish “Mostra” Display

Catch of the day: please ask for details


The Swan65

Pineapple carpaccio, pistachio croquant, green apple, basil sorbet

Turkish Coffee Tahini Halva65

Tamarind syrup

Chocolate Soufflé65

Raspberry foam


The classic Italian dessert cooked in the traditional style

Tahini and Molasses Blancmange65

Honey milk sorbet, peanut croquant

Chocolate “Mars”65

Raspberry sauce, roasted hazelnuts

Raspberry “Venus”65

Raspberry, blackberry, hazelnut praline

Turkish Delight75

Ice Cream from “Maraş”

Crisp Flaky Pastry65

Ice Cream from “Maraş”

Sweet Wish65

Ice Cream Selections 1 Scoop12

Fast Food

Veal Rib Burger115

180 Gr. veal rib meat, gravy sauce, pickled cucumber, cheddar, grilled mushrooms, french fries

Chicken Schnitzel130

Warm bavarian potatoes, pepper, garlic butter

Cheesy Fries70

French fries, cream, cheddar cheese, “Himalaya” salt

Truffle Fries60

French fries, parmesan, truffle oil “Himalaya” salt

Fit Bowl85

Mung beans, avocado, wheat, pickled orange, local lettuce, sliced green olives, pink tomato, fresh purple basil

Beer Bowl95

Potato wedges, “kokoreç” crispy intestines, deep-fried mussels, mozzarella sticks

All prices are in Turkish Lira and inclusive of VAT
If you have any concerns regarding food allergies, please alert your server prior ordering.
For the allergies list, Please contact with our service staff.